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Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls create a signature hardscape design that sets your project apart from all others. In addition to providing strength and beauty, Retaining walls can provide detail and accent to a large lawn or green space, grandeur to driveways and walkways or truly create a unique pool/patio area. R&L Landscaping has been designing and installing retaining walls in DuPage County since 1999.

Retaining walls are built for a variety of purposes including slope management, drainage and erosion control, and aesthetic reasons. A retaining wall can help define a flowerbed or can be incorporated with a drainage system to prevent erosion and control water flow on slopes. Retaining Walls can hold back slopes and add space for new expanded patios or even open up larger outdoor living areas by closing off unsightly views. They can define your outdoor rooms, whether you’re planning a quiet patio area, a space for dinning or just a secret garden oasis. Retaining walls can be constructed out of a variety of materials including concrete, natural stones, timber, or blocks.

Retaining Walls can give a space identity to suit its purpose, whether it be lounging or playing. At R&L Landscaping, we have experience designing and constructing retaining walls of all shapes, sizes and styles. Whether you need a small two-foot retaining wall or a massive 300-foot long and twelve-foot tall retaining wall, we can handle retaining wall projects of any size.

Whatever you can imagine, we can create. Call R&L Landscaping today for a free estimate at 630-514- 4798.

As a leading DuPage County landscaping company, serving all of the western suburbs and surrounding areas, R&L Landscaping offers both residential and commercial retaining wall construction services. To learn more about how our retaining wall construction services can meet your needs for an upcoming retaining wall construction project, please R&L Landscaping today at 630-514- 4798.